Mooslover brave

Yoga is a practice of bravery, because it requires us to stand (or sit, or lay) fully naked with ourselves, in our own authenticity and wisdom.

This is what the lessons and themes of Sagittarius season are all about — the cultivation of personal authenticity so that we may remain brave and courageous in our outward pursuits.

It’s fitting that Sagittarius season begins with a rumination on gratitude in the U.S. (a note here to acknowledge the problematic history of Thanksgiving as it pertains to cultural genocide).

In order to step into our own bravery and authenticity, we often need to experience or nurture a sense of gratitude for where we’ve been.

As the Archer asks us to take aim and step into that bold energy of this fire sign, it is imperative to bring with it an attitude of gratitude for all that has brought us to the culminating moment of now.


April 08, 2022 — Ravenlam