Mooslover Membership

How to earn points?

1. Create your Mooslover account, then you will earn 50 points

2. Follow our official social media (Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/Tiktok), then you will earn 50 points
3. Provide your birth date and you will get 100 points once a year
4. Place Order, then you will earn 10 points for every USD $1 spent.
More ways to earn points will be released in the future.


Benefits for points member

You can use the points to redeem free product or giftcard or upgrading shipping method.
You will get different suprises on upgrading.

How to redeem points?

To redeem points, please click the rewards button at the corner and find ''Redeem points''. 
You can redeem different benefit as you need.

Points member upgrading guide

We now have 4 different tiers:
Bronze - Silver - Gold - Diamond

About Referral Programs

You will earn 5$ off coupon if you referr Mooslover to your friends and they place order successfully. At the same time, your friends will receive 18% off coupon.
To process the referral, please click the Reward button and find ''Refer your friends''. Share the link to your friends and wait or via your social media.