Mooslover aims to encourage everyone to show your beauty, your independence, your pride and confidence, your uniqueness and similarity.


Mooslover wants to be your life - enlightener, mind - enlightener, style - enlightener ...


Any time you need, anywhere you need, any purpose you need, Mooslover is staying with you in any way.



People keep talking about ' how to defined yourself ' , ' who you want to be when you grow up ' , 'what's your MBTI' , ' what's your constellations ' ...


People keep talking and talking until we don't really know who we are, what quality do we have.


You can be brave, you can be timid.

You can be strong, you can be weak.



However, we hope you are proud for your own, for your strongness and weakness, for braveness and timidness. All of these qualities have built the YOU.


Address: Guangzhou Kuhong E-commerce Co.

Room 22, 23, 24, No. 67, Erma Road, Dongpu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China Part: Room 23-204 (office use only)


DO NOT return any items to this address.